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Luxe Outdoor Environments is a leading provider of residential misting system installation and replacement in the Phoenix metro area. You can count on our trained technicians to properly install or replace your misting system for years or use.



From HOAs to apartments, to commercial buildings and beyond, we understand the complexities of commercial properties. Our highly-trained team is ready to work with you on your misting system installation or replacement.



Our mission at Luxe Outdoor Environments is to let our work speak for itself. We take great pride in all of our projects with a goal to have 100% satisfaction from our clients. Browse our portfolio to learn more about some of the projects we have completed.

Why Misting is an Easy Solution for Cooling

In many parts of the U.S, summer time can be a very hot and humid, which tends to drain people physically and emotionally. When the heat becomes too unbearable, many people resort to using their air-conditioners at home to provide comfort. When air-conditioners are used for prolonged periods of time, they consume a lot of electricity which is not ideal for households looking to save on energy costs. A cheaper alternative is to use electric fans, yet, they seem inadequate in providing the coolness that people are searching for during the day. If you are one of these individuals who need a cheaper, easier solution that provides the ideal level of coolness, you may want to consider having a water misting system installed in your home. Here are a few reasons why.

Misting Systems Consume Less Energy Considerably

If you have a misting system on your patio or balcony, you can essentially leave it running the whole day for a fraction of the cost of an air-conditioner unit. If you have a misting system running, you can easily enhance the coolness by adding an electric fan into the mix. Place the fan in your general direction while the misting system operates and you should feel a dramatic change in coolness.

Misting Systems Reduce Hot temperatures by 20%

Misting systems emit thick water vapor on top of any area they are attached to. The mist that these systems emit is thick and very cool which works to reduce hot temperatures of at least 20%. The reason that mist works so well at cooling hot temperatures is it automatically absorbs heat as it is released in the air. As it drops down, the mist disintegrates into smaller particles that get distributed over a larger area naturally by the air surrounding the area. This works to increase coolness substantially.

Misting Takes Away Humidity

Aside from reducing warmer temperatures, misting systems also take away dreaded humidity, which is said to be the worst part about the heat. With humidity, people do not just feel warm; they also tend to sweat profusely. This is a natural occurrence which most people would like to avoid whenever they have to step outside. Having a misting system eliminates the humidity level found in heat as mist absorbs hot air automatically after it is released. Since mist tends to disintegrate while falling down, the effects are cool air falling on your skin.

Misting System Installation Comes with Very Little Charge

When you order your misting systems online or in your nearest store, the providers of these systems will install the systems in your home at little to no costs. These providers are well-experienced at installing misting systems on multiple patios, balconies, and gardens. Their installation is speedy and efficient plus their work output is excellent. Your misting systems will operate optimally for years before any complications arise. To ensure that your misting system runs smoothly, you must also perform yearly inspection and inform your providers if there are any complications.


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I called a few different misting system companies to get bids for a new mist system for my patio and gazebo area. Josh was able to get me scheduled for the next day and arrived right on time. He walked through my backyard with me discussing my options and showing me how the system would be best installed for the maximum cooling effect. I appreciated the time he took to review everything with me and to discuss what was going to work best for my patio area. After getting other bids, I decided to go with Pro Misting System Services because of their knowledge, price, and fast response with getting me scheduled and the consultation Josh gave me. The installation turned out great and I couldn’t be more pleased.

TeresaAhwatukee AZ

I had Pro Misting System Services install a new misting system in my backyard along with fog effects around my pool. The technician who came out to evaluate what I wanted was extremely knowledgeable, the installation crew was great, and the office follow-up was exceptional. I am extremely pleased with the results.

BillGlendale, AZ
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