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We are more than just an misting system company! From landscape lighting, to irrigation, and more, our high-trained team will work with you to transform your outdoor living space and make your ideas and dreams become a reality.



Luxe Outdoor Environments is a leading provider of residential misting system installation and replacement in the Phoenix metro area. You can count on our trained technicians to properly install or replace your misting system for years or use.



From HOAs to apartments, to commercial buildings and beyond, we understand the complexities of commercial properties. Our highly-trained team is ready to work with you on your misting system installation or replacement.



Our mission at Luxe Outdoor Environments is to let our work speak for itself. We take great pride in all of our projects with a goal to have 100% satisfaction from our clients. Browse our portfolio to learn more about some of the projects we have completed.

Two Tips to Keep Your Misting System Running Smoothly

Owning a patio misting system at home is such a tremendous advantage to have if you live in an area where summer time can become too unbearable. Having a patio misting system allows you to save a tremendous amount of electricity as you have a cheaper alternative to keeping your air-conditioners running during the day. These systems also save a lot of water consumption, as they have nozzles, sprays, and other contraptions that maximize water usage. One of the only disadvantages in having a water misting system in your home is you must regularly maintain it. Here are two vital tips that may help you in keeping your misting systems running optimally throughout.

1. Ensure Proper Maintenance of your Misting System Accessories

The first step in ensuring proper function of your misting system is to check all accessories once or twice a year. Your misting system comes with various pumps, nozzles, filtration system, and hoses to name a few. You have to take apart your system to check for any damages on the following:

Water Pump. Without the water pump running optimally, your entire misting system will cease to run. To ensure proper maintenance of you water pump, inspect the filter at least once or twice a year. It is even recommended that you replace your filter years so as to avoid the accumulation of dirt and sediments that could really disable your water system’s purifier. In addition, an accumulation of sediments could block the flow of water from the pump to the nozzles that spray the water, thereby paralyzing your entire misting system.

Nozzles. Unlike the water pump, the nozzles of your water misting system should be inspected more frequently. A good recommendation is to examine the water nozzles at least three times a year by dispatching them from their respective areas and cleaning them one by one. This works effectively at preventing sediment accumulation which can clog the nozzles, preventing them from distributing thick mist.

Water Hose. The water hose may be the easiest misting system accessory to inspect as any perforations would be easy to spot while performing an ocular inspection of all hoses being used. Once a hole is identified, this entails immediate replacement of the hose. To prevent this, simply use higher quality hoses made from sturdier material. Inquire with your misting system providers about which hoses are ideal for longevity.

2. Disassemble Your Misting System During Fall and Winter

After summer has passed and you have no further need to use your misting system during fall and winter, it is imperative that you disassemble your entire misting system part by part. Make sure to clean each accessory properly before placing them in storage. The reason why you should not leave your misting system exposed outside during colder weather is it will accumulate rust, which will surely damage it to the point of no return.


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I called a few different misting system companies to get bids for a new mist system for my patio and gazebo area. Josh was able to get me scheduled for the next day and arrived right on time. He walked through my backyard with me discussing my options and showing me how the system would be best installed for the maximum cooling effect. I appreciated the time he took to review everything with me and to discuss what was going to work best for my patio area. After getting other bids, I decided to go with Pro Misting System Services because of their knowledge, price, and fast response with getting me scheduled and the consultation Josh gave me. The installation turned out great and I couldn’t be more pleased.

TeresaAhwatukee AZ

I had Pro Misting System Services install a new misting system in my backyard along with fog effects around my pool. The technician who came out to evaluate what I wanted was extremely knowledgeable, the installation crew was great, and the office follow-up was exceptional. I am extremely pleased with the results.

BillGlendale, AZ
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