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Luxe Outdoor Environments is a leading provider of residential misting system installation and replacement in the Phoenix metro area. You can count on our trained technicians to properly install or replace your misting system for years or use.



From HOAs to apartments, to commercial buildings and beyond, we understand the complexities of commercial properties. Our highly-trained team is ready to work with you on your misting system installation or replacement.



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What is Privacy Screen Misting?

Traveling to a crowded place during the holidays? While you won’t be able to build physical walls around you to mark your private space, you can do so with privacy screen misting. Anyhow, most tourist destinations are equipped with this nowadays.

So, what actually is privacy screen misting? This is a unique way of adding fog or mist effects to outdoor areas, more commonly on water facilities, gardens, grottos and paved sidewalks. The addition of fog is gradual in the beginning, but gives good coverage throughout the ‘misting’ period. There are different mist calibrations depending on the venue, but the idea is to get just enough pressure for maximum (as private as possible) coverage.

Privacy screen misting systems are built in such a way that they can be adjusted relative to an establishment. They can be used in newly constructed landscapes and even in old buildings. Installation of a temporary misting device is very quick and easy—it just needs to sit on the ground. It is not directly attached to a physical object, so it’s easy to move around. For permanent fixtures, the tubing can stay underground or attached to concrete surfaces so as not to disrupt the visual features of the place. Minimum visibility adds on to the mood and helps you avoid the illusion from being ruined by the obvious presence of sprayers.

Similar to other misting or smokescreen systems, privacy misting is based on the process of breaking down water droplets to atomic sizes, making them easy to evaporate. Extremely high-pressure nozzles force water out, which creates a fog like effect that does not just provide privacy but also cools the surrounding air.

The use of privacy screen misting is very common in vacation places such as hotels and resorts, but it’s also becoming more and more popular in high-end villages, specifically for gardens and swimming pools. It is commonly used when holding pool parties as the mist adds a unique exotic vibe to a plain pool. Add to this the fact that it keeps people refreshed even if they are not under water.

For gardens, misting gives off a lush appearance and makes your plants appear verdant and healthy. It also sets the tone for a relaxing afternoon tea time.

A privacy misting kit is often integrated into the owner’s home automation system, and can be switched on and off using multiple devices including smartphones and tablets. The mist settings can be controlled either to create simulate fog around large bodies of water, or a dramatic privacy smokescreen—much like a fence when you feel like being along outside.

Apart from the usual places, it is also used increasingly in kids playgrounds and recreational areas. The cool atmosphere it creates is conducive to outdoor bonding and also brings out natural art from the existing landscape.



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I called a few different misting system companies to get bids for a new mist system for my patio and gazebo area. Josh was able to get me scheduled for the next day and arrived right on time. He walked through my backyard with me discussing my options and showing me how the system would be best installed for the maximum cooling effect. I appreciated the time he took to review everything with me and to discuss what was going to work best for my patio area. After getting other bids, I decided to go with Pro Misting System Services because of their knowledge, price, and fast response with getting me scheduled and the consultation Josh gave me. The installation turned out great and I couldn’t be more pleased.

TeresaAhwatukee AZ

I had Pro Misting System Services install a new misting system in my backyard along with fog effects around my pool. The technician who came out to evaluate what I wanted was extremely knowledgeable, the installation crew was great, and the office follow-up was exceptional. I am extremely pleased with the results.

BillGlendale, AZ
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