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Do Misting Fans Cool Better Than Conventional Fans?

Do you know that there are various types of electric fans and that they can do a lot more things than just cool the temperature? Electric fans circulate the air and with its blades always in motion, it maintains a fresh breeze and keeps humidity in check. Fans add ventilation and prevent the people from inhaling dangerous gases.

Among the various types of fans are the table fan, pedestal fan, ceiling fan, window fan, wall mount fan, floor fan, tower fan, box fan, misting fan, industrial fan, blower, bathroom fan and exhaust fan. Whether you need a fan for your home or for outdoor use, it is essential that you choose the right type of fan for your needs. Oftentimes, it is the style that keeps it apart in fan selection. There are different styles for the customers’ varying preferences.

How does an electric fan work?

Most fans work through the axial flow. The fans have blades that move to force air to blow against the fan’s axis. These axial fans provide comfort and ventilation at home, in offices, outdoor or in industries.

The misting fan

Misting fans use evaporative cooling and can lower an existing temperature by as low as 30 ┬░ F. How does this work as compared with the regular fan? Since misting fans are evaporative coolers in some ways, they generate water droplets, release them into the air to evaporate leaving the area cool in the process. Oftentimes, this type of fan is used outdoors.

There are various styles of misting fans depending on one’s needs and preferences. One can buy a portable fan that is battery operated. It has a fan and a hand-operated water spray pump. Others buy heavy-duty misting fans for industrial use. Whether you want a fan for residential or for company use, all misting fans operate in the same principle: They use evaporating water to cool the environment and they are all natural and don’t harm nature.

Misting fans have taken a step ahead of the conventional fans as they have introduced the cooling mist to the air that has been blown by the fan. This type of fan provides a refreshing coolness that is not found in the regular electric fan. However, due to the mist that is responsible for the refreshing cooling effect, there may be droplets of water that are blown to the air so people are advised not to stay very close to the fan or stay more than 6 inches away from it.

The misting fans are ordinary conventional fans except that they need water and have to be connected to a water source. They use thermal dynamics and evaporation to cool the temperature. In a misting fan, water is being pumped through small openings on a nozzle and brought out to the warm air which is circulated in the fan. The droplets pull the heat as they evaporate leaving the air with cooler temperature.

Misting fans can definitely cool the air better than regular electric fans.

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I called a few different misting system companies to get bids for a new mist system for my patio and gazebo area. Josh was able to get me scheduled for the next day and arrived right on time. He walked through my backyard with me discussing my options and showing me how the system would be best installed for the maximum cooling effect. I appreciated the time he took to review everything with me and to discuss what was going to work best for my patio area. After getting other bids, I decided to go with Pro Misting System Services because of their knowledge, price, and fast response with getting me scheduled and the consultation Josh gave me. The installation turned out great and I couldn’t be more pleased.

TeresaAhwatukee AZ

I had Pro Misting System Services install a new misting system in my backyard along with fog effects around my pool. The technician who came out to evaluate what I wanted was extremely knowledgeable, the installation crew was great, and the office follow-up was exceptional. I am extremely pleased with the results.

BillGlendale, AZ
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